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We can # if we want to

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I want to move here

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Krauthammer on Bundy: “It Isn’t Enough To Say I Don’t Agree With What He Said”

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CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I agree entirely with Chuck [Lane]. First of all, it isn’t enough to say I don’t agree with what he said. This is a despicable statement. It’s not the statement, you have to disassociate yourself entirely from the man. It’s not like the words exists here and the man exists here. And why conservatives, some conservatives, end up in bed with people who, you know, — he makes an anti-government statement, he takes an anti-government stand, he wears a nice big hat and he rides a horse and all of the sudden he is a champion of democracy. This is a man who said that he doesn’t recognize the authority of the United States of America. That makes him a patriot?

I love this country and I love the constitution and it’s the constitution that established a government that all of us have to recognize. And for him to reject it was the beginning of all of this. And now what he said today is just the end of this. And I think it is truly appalling that as Chuck says, there are times when somehow simply because somebody takes an opposition, he becomes a conservative hero. You’ve you got to wait, you’ve got to watch, you have got to think about. And look, do I have the right to go graze sheep in Central Park? I think not.

You have to have some respect for the federal government, some respect for our system, and to say you don’t and you don’t recognize it and that makes you a conservative hero, to me, is completely contradictory and rather appalling. And he has now proved it.

Via Real Clear Politics

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McWorm Burgers???

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Good Lord. Over the past few days I have been seeing this BS story on Facebook.


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This myth has been around since the late 70s and has no truth to it at all.

A Corporate Giant Fights a Nasty Rumour

Every so often a rumour goes around that, to save money, McDonald‘s adds mashed up worms to its hamburgers as filler to save money on beef. A Friend recently told me that in the late 1970′s and early ’80′s the cost of McDonald’s hamburgers was very low because they added something calledmeal worm to it and when people began to find out, they switched to beef. That’s why now the wrapper says 100% beef.

Apparently this urban legend started in 1976 when an entrepreneur farming earthwormsto sell for bait boasted that he was going to become the McDonald’s of worms. Things got a little misconstrued to say the least. That year McDonald’s sales began to slip as the worm story went viral.

And then there is the stories that McDonald’s adds Cow Eyeballs, and various other craziness to their burgers and shakes.

Most of these stories come from opponents to corporations and opponents of a certain corporation. But since it is on the Intertues, people will take it as truth.

People need to realize that not everything on the internet is true, and there are nefarious organizations out to harm corporations.

UGh I hate how I see so many BULLSHIT stories on Facebook. I also see smoe really stupid BS stories on twitter.’


Make it stop

Get Off My Road

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