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Gangs of old ladies

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Easter Bunny Hates You

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My Sarcasm

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Real Unicorns

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Bundy Ranch Standoff

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I have basically stayed out of most of the battle of the Bundy Ranch on here, but have followed it on Twitter and Facebook.

There is a lot of confusion and false information getting posted out there. The Reid Chinese Connection, that the Feds are on the way back in full force and other non sense.

But with that said, I am on no one’s side on this really. The FED GOV is overreaching and crushing the cattle farmers out of existence under the guise of protecting endangered species. Yes there are many creatures that are endangered and need some protection, but in many ways the Environmentalist Whackos go overboard on their protections. But this is also the FED GOV lands and they have the backing a Federal  Summary Court Order behind them.

I sympathize with Bundy and think that what the FED GOV is doing this all wrong, and the tactics of coming fully armed to get the cattle was way over the top. They did not need to come in like a military operation. But the Militia also did not help by coming fully armed too. This just escalated the tension and made a bad situation  worse.

It was a clusterf**k of insanity on all sides that made it worse.

This is not the way to fight the BLM and the FED GOV. @ExJon at Riccochet posted the right way to go about this:

There was a similar Rancher vs. Tortoise battle in Arizona. Through wise legal maneuvering and scientific savvy, this standoff was a win for both the cowboys and the reptiles. The anti-progress environmentalists and bureaucrats were the only losers.

The way to fight the FED GOV is in the courts using legal tactics against the Environmentalist Whackos. It would be better to set up a defense fund and hire a competent lawyer for Clive Bundy than to show up with guns and snipers against Federal agents.

After all this I hope that there will be a debate and a discussion on how the Federal Lands West of Colorado are run. Far too much of the land is owned by the Federal Government. I can understand why some areas that are cultural and environmentally sensitive should be protected, but owning up towards 90% of a state is a little much.

Hopefully this will be an issue in the up coming elections and can be debated on a way to transfer much of the land back to states and local authorities instead of being managed from DC.


We Like The Moon

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Blood Moon

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