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BLUE ANGELS – Insane Footage Takes You Inside the Cockpit

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With the insanity about Delbert Belton’s brutal murder, people on twitter have starter the hashtag #TweetYourGrandfathersWWIIStories.

I want to tell the story of my grandpa during WWII.

I do not have a whole lot to go on, since he did not talk about it much. But he was a doctor in the Army and was in both the European Theater and the Pacific Theater of WWII. I wish I wold have ask him more about it before he left us.

He was first in France after D Day. He lived in a tent in muddy conditions in Marseille. And followed the soldiers into Germany. After VE day in Europe he thought he was going to be going home. But as he was on his way home, the plans changed. He was going to go to Japan to be part of the Invasion of Japan.

But on his way there the bombs were dropped over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This saved many US soldiers lives. The invasion of Japan would have been a bloodbath for both sides. And most likely I would not have had my aunts and my uncles and my many cousins if the invasion  happened.

My grandpa was a very stoic man. He would not leave his feelings on his sleeves. He was also a very religious man. He would read books by many of the early Father’s of the Catholic faith and many of the Catholics minds of modern day. He was also a history buff.

He was very blunt and when people first meet him, he could intimidate them. He would ask, “What do you want to do with your life”? But this was not just a breaking of the ice question. He really meant it and wanted to know.

With this senseless killing, it brings out the sadness of not having my grandpa around. But I am very glad that he is not around to see the insanity.


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The unlikely PTSD therapy: puppies

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August 8, 2013 12:35 PM EDT — Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury are training puppies to become service dogs for fellow wounded warriors. The work can actually alleviate their own symptoms The Fold’s Zoeann Murphy spent some time with the pups. (The Washington Post)

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Col. Bud Day

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via FB Jonathan Flora


A stunning shot of honor and respect of the funeral procession for Medal of Honor Recipient, Col. Bud Day. Sent to me by Bud’s wife. From Fort Walton Beach to the cemetery, the highway was lined by all the branches of the military and friends. In her words, “What a beautiful send off for Bud.”

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The Path of the Warrior

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Dee Rock, The Uniform

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