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Cubs World Series

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Cubs beat the Cards

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Cubs Trophy Case

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This Week’s Forecast For St Louis

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The Green Lie

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Dear Backers,

$250,000 is the absolute minimum we need to finish “The Green Lie” movie. The more we can get the better the movie will be.

So please contribute what you can, help us reach the $250,000 target within the 60 days, and become an Executive Producer of “The Green Lie.

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TJ Oshie traded to the Capitals

July 3, 2015 Leave a comment

After the loss in the first round again by the Blues, I knew that there was going to be a shake up.  And trading Oshie was probably going to be in that shake up.

I loved Oshie , but hockey is a business.

It looks like the Blues are trying to get bigger and tougher. That is a good thing.  That has been their downfall in the playoffs. They needed more size and toughness.

I will miss Oshie , but the Bues are looking like they are going in the right direction.


Not everyone is in agreement though


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