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Obama, The Crusades, Inquisitions, and The Jihad

So earlier the week the WON said we should get off “Our High Horses” and gave some BS about how Christians were just as bad as the Muslims because of the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.   WHAT????

Where did the WON get his history about the Crusades??   The Crusades were a defensive war against the Muslim Jihad. The Muslims had taken over 2/3 of the Christian World before there was even the first Crusade. The Muslims had taken over all of the Middle East which was Christian and subjugated them. And they took over almost all of Spain and attacked all over Europe. And the Christians were the bad people in all this??

So basically the Christians were trying to take back land that was Christian before the Muslims conquered them. Those that went to fight were also did not go for riches, most spent all their money to get to the Holy Land and lost everything. They did not go to the Holy Land to convert people, they fought to protect Christians from being slaughtered and Churches from being burnt down.

Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition is another subject that the WON spouted out about how bad the Christians were. Which is a total crock. The Spanish Inquisition was not nearly as nefarious as people think. In all the years of the Spanish Inquisition, less than those that were killed in 9/11 were subjected to death. The Spanish Government was the main instigator in those deaths and not the Pope of the time either.

The Spanish Inquisition was instituted in Spain after the Muslims were forced out of the country. And during the Muslim subjugation, many Jews were collaborating with the Muslims. This had pissed off the Spanish. I am not saying that there was not a of bad things that happened in the Spanish Inquisition, but the amount of BS and how it is to show how the Pope and the Catholic Church were diabolical and murderous thugs is over-hyped.

Next comes the truth about the Jihad. The Jihad was what brought about the Crusades in the first place. The Jihad had taken over 2/3 of the Christian World.


The rapid growth of Islam in the beginning was all from the Jihad  against Christians in the Middles East, Africa, and the Mediterranean.

The Origin of Islam started through wars on the Arabian Peninsula. The Arab desert was converted by the sword. And after Muhammad’s death, the Muslims followed in his footsteps and wanted to convert the world to Islam.

I have no idea why in the world the President of the United States were even consider to compare the Jihad of today to the Crusades and Inquisition of old anyway. I am absolutely astounded at the audacity of idiocy coming from the WON.

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