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Cars (Dreams) OFFICIAL VIDEO – @PeeteySDee and The Inhuman $hields


via  Letters from My Good Friend, @PeeteySDee

When Peter S. Dee and the Inhuman $hields formed, our mission was to write new words for old songs to bring a little extra attention to wounded warrior issues.  If you’re a civilian, you might understand what PTSD is, but unless you closely work with or know someone who has it, or have it yourself, you really may not grasp it as well as you think. PTSD is a primarily neurological condition and can be caused by physical trauma as well as psychological trauma (and various combinations of both), as you probably know. Accordingly, it’s hard to treat, and in mild cases, hard to diagnose.  In severe cases, PTSD victims may nightly re-live their greatest fears in extremely frightful nightmares. In mild cases, sufferers may just be especially quick to anger, which endears them to no one.
Iraq and Afghanistan were the first wars where Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were used against any army on a such a massive scale, in an ever more dangerous attack-counter-counterattack cycle of improving IEDs and improving counter measures.
As our medivac, new battlefield medical technologies, and improved body armor saved more lives, the numbers of wounded increased naturally as those who might have died lived instead.  These survivors often lost many of their limbs and suffered horrific burns.  And they got to go home to their families, with new challenges to overcome, often daily.
The overblast pressure of even relatively small IEDs caused traumatic brain injuries and concussion which could have lingering neurological effects, with no outward appearance of injury.  There may be no truer aphorism than “only the dead have seen the end of war.”   …
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