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We Must Learn To Live Together as Brothers

November 25, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

After the decision of No True Bill on indicting Officer Wilson, all Hell broke out in Ferguson and other areas in St Louis.

The race baiters and agitators came out in force and burned many businesses down. And most of them are small businesses that are minority owned. This is no way to protest.  This is criminal and all out chaos.

Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave. He would never want this kind of lawlessness to continue.

We must all learn that we live together in this world. We may not always agree, but we can conduct ourselves civilly while debating. Looting, arson and all out lawlessness is no way to get your message across.

The lawyers, and Rev Al need to shut the HELL UP.  They are only added gasoline to the fire.

The Grand Jury came back with No True Bill, because they looked at the evidence and all the statements from witnesses. And they found that Officer Wilson did nothing wrong and was acting in self defense. And that is how Justice is served. Not looting and burning a city down when you do not get the decision you want. The Grand Jury is suppose to look at the evidence and to determine what is true and what is not, without using emotion.

It is a shame that there is so many that do not know, or in some cases know, how the Judicial System and the Grand Jury works, and keeps to a false narrative that has been proven to be false. The Hands Up Don;t Shoot crowd was fed a line of BS from people that either did not actually witness the shooting, or were lying to police and the media to create the narrative.

I am really at a loss of words to describe how I feel. Our country is devolving into lunacy. People do not know how the Governments works, even the basics of why we have 3 branches of the Government. And will cling on to a false narrative even after evidence , facts and witnesses prove differently.



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