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In memory of MARY JANE (MJ) BOOTH

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Still the Best Commercial ever made!

I have decided to join the team of Project 2996 again.  I did a post for Jason Dahl 2 years ago for this fine project.

This year the person I am going to be posting on is Mary MJ Booth.   Since I did not have that much time to do more research, this post will probably be short.   

You can still join, we only have 49 names so far that people are covering.   

Mary Jane "M.J." Booth

American Flight 77

MARY JANE (MJ) BOOTH, 64, of Falls Church, Va., was a familiar face at Dulles International Airport in suburban Virginia. An American Airlines employee for 45 years, she worked for more than 30 years as secretary to American’s general manager at Dulles. Everyone called her MJ, except at the annual American holiday party when she dressed up in costume and went by the name Mrs. Santa Claus. Booth was a passenger aboard American’s Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon. She was on her way to Las Vegas for a meeting of the employees’ credit union.

Copyright © 2001 The Associated Press

  You can go to her Guest Book on Legacy.com and leave a message to her family.

Here is a list of participants asof 11:47 a.m. Central Time Zone

  1. Maggie’s Mind again honored Jean D. Roger.
  2. LurkyNat honored Willilam F. Abrahamson.
  3. Bec honored Gopalakrishnan Varadhan.
  4. Bec, again, honored Edgar H. Emery Jr..
  5. Writerchick honored Paul Lisson.
  6. Pet Campbell will honor Farrell Peter Lynch.
  7. Pet Campbell will, again, honor James J. Straine.
  8. Pet Campbell will, again, honor Scott Powell.
  9. Darryl Heron honored David Laychak.
  10. thebluestbutterfly honored Mary (Molly) Herencia.
  11. thebluestbutterfly, again, honored Michael Caproni.
  12. Kristy will honor Capt. Timothy Stackpole.
  13. Kathi honored Catherine Carmen Gorayeb.
  14. tfeb honored Helen Crossin Kittle.
  15. fidothedog will, again, honor Louis J. Nacke.
  16. Stix honored Mary Jane (MJ) Booth.
  17. Cathy honored Toshiya Kuge.
  18. LindaSoG, again, honored John Chipura.
  19. Kate, again, honored Martin Morales Zempoaltecatl.
  20. katspeanuthead honored Brendan Dolan.
  21. katspeanuthead, again, honored Douglas D. Ketchum.
  22. christmasghost honored Orasri Liangthanasarn.
  23. Steeljaw Scribe, again, honored CAPT Bob Dolan, USN.
  24. Steeljaw Scribe, again, honored Mr. Colin Arthur Bonnett.
  25. Suzanne – The Farmer’s Wife will, again, honor William Wren.
  26. Nora, again, honored John Paolillo.
  27. Type (little) a honored Giovanna “Genni” Gambale.
  28. Type (little) a honored Jeanmarie Wallendorf.
  29. Type (little) a honored Louis Minervino.
  30. So Lost, again, honored James Edward Potorti.
  31. Margie, again, honored Stanley L. Temple.
  32. Margie honored Brian Magee.
  33. Angela honored Gregorio Manuel Chavez.
  34. Maggie will honor John F. Casazza on the Project 2996 site.
  35. Dean Mundy, again, honored Scott Hazelcorn.
  36. Lisa, again, honored Jason Cefalu.
  37. Cap’n Bob, again, honored Marc Scott Zeplin.
  38. Kami-O Betzina, again, honored Anthony Tempesta.
  39. Sean Finnegan will honor Christine Lee Hanson.
  40. Marti, again, honored John F. Swaine.
  41. kriselda jarnsaxa honored Christopher James Hanley.
  42. Stacy honored Lisa Raines.
  43. Blue honored Karen S. Navarro.
  44. Roxanne honored Michael M. Taylor.
  45. Menjiness, again, honored Carrie Blagburn.
  46. Menjiness, again, honored Robert Sutcliff.
  47. Debbie Malone honored Mari-Rae Sopper.
  48. Deborah Woehr honored Mark K. Bingham.
  49. Pincess Cat honored Barbara G Edwards.
  50. rodger thomas, again, honored Thomas H. McGinnis.
  51. Trisha honored Robert Fazio.
  52. Smooth Stone, again, honored Welles Remy Crowther.
  53. Raggedy, again, honored Michael Benjamin Packer.
  54. Amy P.honored Asia Cottom.
  55. Amy P.honored Bernard Curtis Brown.
  56. Amy P.honored Rodney Dickens.
  57. Amy P.honored Dana Falkenberg.
  58. Amy P.honored Zoe Falkenberg.
  59. Amy P.honored Christine Lee Hanson.
  60. Amy P.honored David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst.
  61. Amy P.honored Juliana Valentine McCourt.
  62. Kevin, again, honored John P O’Neill.
  63. The Wizard, fkap, again, honored Kim Sue Hanson.
  64. Ziva Sahl, again, honored Samuel Salvo.
  65. Rachel, again, honored Eddie Papa.
  66. Alo Konsen will, again, honor Damian Meehan.
  67. Michele will, again, honor William Weems. (Private Blog)
  68. MommaBean honored Ramzi Doany.
  69. David, again, honored Sheila McNulty.
  70. sheila, again, honored Michael J. Pascuma.
  71. Mary Casey, again, honored Dennis P. O’Berg.
  72. Buzz Brockway, again, honored Gary Robert Haag.
  73. Jennifer Welch, again, honored Catherine Ellen Chirls.
  74. Eric Voogd will honor Zoe Falkenberg.
  75. Fausta, again, honored Joseph Angelini, Jr..
  76. Sarah, again, honored John R. Crowe.
  77. Dale C. Roe, again, honored Candace Lee Williams.
  78. Dale C. Roe, again, honored Eric Thomas Ropiteau.
  79. Dale C. Roe honored Charles Falkenberg.
  80. Dale C. Roe honored Leslie Whittington (Falkenberg).
  81. Dale C. Roe honored Zoe Falkenberg.
  82. Dale C. Roe honored Dana Falkenberg.
  83. Red Pill honored The Unseen Victims.
  84. Carl, again, honored Touri Hamzavi Bolourchi.
  85. mamatigerj honored Robert T. ‘Bobby’ Hughes.
  86. Patricia Romano honored The Children who Died.
  87. Teena in Toronto, again, honored David Barkway.
  88. Teena in Toronto, again, honored Bernard Mascarenhas.
  89. Teena in Toronto, again, honored Vladimir Tomasevic.
  90. USADave, again, honored Jose Cardona.

Please sign up to be the next to remember them.

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  1. September 11, 2008 at 11:20 am

    You did a fine job. Thank you for sharing and helping us all remember what a tragedy that day was and how many innocent Americans lost their lives. God bless you for taking the time to write this.

  2. September 11, 2008 at 11:30 am

    Thanks for remembering MJ and for joining in with this project. I find it sad that so few stepped up this year.

  3. September 11, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    Thanks for your tribute!

    I posted one too.

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