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Slobo Ilijevski dies at 58

This is a sad dayfor St Louis Sports fans.   I remembergoing to all of the MISL games when I was younger.  We had season tickets to the Steamers and at the time I wanted to become a professional indoor soccer player.   Also this was the time that the Steamers had more fans than the St. Louis Blues.  We would eat in the Checkerdome’s resauranty after games and get all of the players autographs.  And one of the best players was Slobo.   He was always the gentleman and would talk to everyone after the games.  It was sad to see the old MISL disband and  then came the wierd 3 point goalsin indoor soccer, but Slobo still played up until he was in his 40s.   He was on the Steamers, Storm and the Ambush. He was still involved in soccer in the area after he retired.  He had many soccercamps in the are.



FILE PHOTO 1985: Slobodon "Slobo" Ilijevski, the St. Louis Steamers soccer goalkeeper.


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