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Dhimwit of the Month

October 9, 2007

Another month has passed and we have another Dhimwit of the Month from the Religion of Peace.  And this last months prestigious award goes to Freddy Thielemans.

or zm)
– A Qur’anic term that refers to a subjugated non-Muslim person living in a society
dominated by Muslims.  Second-class status is confirmed by the legal system
and dhimmis do not share the rights of their Muslim rulers.  (ex. of use:
"Hey Jimmy, if you want to be a dhimmi, then you’d better learn how to

(dmwt )
– A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic
domination with remarkable gullibility or guile.  A dhimwit is always quick
extend sympathy to the
very enemy
that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.

September 2007 Dhimwit:

Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans


It’s tough being a dhimmi in Europe these days.

Given that most
European capitals are headed in this direction, what do you suppose happens when
Muslim immigrants are haphazardly imported to the point that they eventually
form an Islamic majority in a mainstream political party?

If you think that it means the triumph of
Sharia and a crackdown on intellectual dissent, then you would be denounced as a
bigot… even if you are entirely correct, as the recent events in Brussels

In August, a group known as Stop the
Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) applied for a permit to protest the introduction
of Sharia law in Europe and to memorialize the victims of 9/11 on the
anniversary.  Their request was rejected on ideological grounds, despite
the broad interest that it received.

Now, you can’t blame Muslims for being Muslim. 
Criticizing Islam is against the law in Muslim countries, and this will
certainly become the rule in Europe as well as Muslims gain strength through

In this case, however, the Muslim majority
found a willing dhimmi to do its bidding.  The request to protest Islamism
was rejected by the non-Muslim mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, a prominent
member of the Socialist Party that is beholden to the rapidly-increasing Muslim

It is thanks to Belgian dhimwits like
Thielemans that Brussels now has segregated swimming sessions, halal meat served
in schools, and even the slaughter of sheep on city streets.

Islam’s historical rise has always been
accompanied by the decline of other freedoms, and Belgium is no exception. 
Not merely content with banning the right to speak out against Islam, Thielemans
chose to send a strong message to anyone who would dare defy the Religion of

When the SIOE organizers attempted to go
forward with their peaceful protest on September 11th, the mayor sent his
brownshirts into the crowd with instructions to use unnecessarily brutal tactics
against the uppity infidels (reserving the worst, it seems, for the group’s
audacious leaders, as can be seen from the above photo). 

This is a turning point for Europe.  After
centuries of trying to conquer the cradle of Western civilization by the sword,
Islamists are delighted to find that the same goals can be achieved through a
backdoor that has naively been left wide-open in the name of multi-culturalism.

Of course, European Leftists are just the
latest in a long list of non-Muslims who mistakenly assumed that throwing their
lot in with the Religion of Peace would mean short-term gains without long-term
consequences.  The Islamic-Leftist axis may be effectively serving the
interest of both parties for the moment, but it is ultimately doomed.

As Sun Tzu puts it in The Art of War,
"Never enter into an alliance with a neighbor unless you know his intentions."
The explicit goal of Islam is not a socialist paradise, it is the political and
cultural dominance of all people. 

A useful idiot like Freddy Thielemans may not
live to appreciate the full impact of the damage that he is doing, but, future
generations of Europeans will have a very different perspective on those who
sold out their future to totalitarianism – and the heroes who stood against


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